TYCCA Year Round Youth Workshop

Hosted by: TYC

The event will start on: May 21, 2011 10:00 CDT

And will end on: May 21, 2011 01:00 CDT

At TYC Headquarters

4777 E. Outer Drive , Detroit MI

313-826-7099     DHarris@theyouthconnection.org


Posted by: jgriffith   

The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) is a program designed to expose, engage, and train metropolitan Detroit youth ages 14-21 for careers in public safety, service, skilled trades and healthcare developing “home-grown” heroes.  Though the primary focus is public safety, service, skilled trades and healthcare careers, TYCCA provides opportunities to learn about a variety of careers through its partnerships.  This program is a terrific way for youth to understand the real world of careers and it encourages continuing education and positive behavior amongst youth while promoting civic commitment and giving back to the community.

The Youth Connection Career Academies provides youth an opportunity to understand the duties and tasks necessary for success in various careers through three components: 1) Career Pathways; 2) In-School Career and Technical Training; and 3) Internships where youth learn from highly skilled supervisors and mentors in variety of fields. This experience provides a distinct advantage because participants will be guided to successfully master new job skills through job shadowing and various opportunities to experience real world work conditions, such as attendance policies, project deadlines, business attire and workplace etiquette.




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