The success that The Youth Connection has achieved...

 is directly related to our partnerships. Partnerships with city government, Detroit Public Schools, generous corporations and foundations, and with the hundreds of quality after-school programs in metropolitan Detroit. These accomplishments we share together:

  • Since 1996, after-school participation in Detroit has grown from approximately 20% to 54% among school-aged children.

  • The Youth Connection was instrumental in creating the Michigan After-School Partnership, a legislative mandate to expand after-school participation across the state of Michigan.

  • Provide parents and children in metropolitan Detroit, information and access to over 1,000 schools and community-based programs that provide after-school programming.

  • Increased the use of federal resources to provide meals to children and families by local after-school providers that have resulted in thousands of more youth being fed nutritional snacks and meals.

  • Over 112,000 after-school program slots were filled at the annual After-School/Back-to-School Fairs in the past 7 years.

  • Since 2001, The Youth Connection has helped bring more than $50 million into the region from federal, state, county, city and private sources to support after-school programming at schools, community-based and faith-based institutions.

  • The Youth Connection has instituted a web-based data collection system which correlates participation in after-school programs with outcomes such as grades, attendance, conduct and evidence of early sexual activity. This is the same system that is being used by the Michigan Department of Education in other parts of the state. Over 18,000 youth are now being tracked in this system in Detroit.

  • Coordinated a study by Michigan State University which shows that participation in after-school programs can improve academic achievement.




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